Michelle Lynch, Principal

Michelle is that rare marketer who is as comfortable developing your strategic communication plan as she is writing your product overview, creating your social media posts, or designing your website. Throughout a career that has included launching new technology, leading marketing and internal communication teams and projects, and supporting C-Suite executives in their company and industry communications, she’s always found time for her first professional love: creating communication materials that engage audiences. Today, she uses these skills to help smaller businesses market and grow their products, and help corporations launch internal programs, projects and products — both successfully and affordably.

In more than 20 years of launching technology products in start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, Michelle has become an expert at translating complex products and features into benefits meaningful to every audience. She has developed and executed strategic communication plans for IT organizations and has led communications efforts for the implementation of collaboration software, ERP systems, cloud services, and bring-your-own-device programs. Michelle has also launched information security and compliance awareness campaigns.

Her experience also includes developing a wide range of executive communications while reporting to the CIO of Liberty Mutual, the CEO of RAM Mobile Data, and the SVP of Global Volume Operations at Hewlett-Packard, including board-level presentations on technology and security for CIOs and CISOs.

Her volunteer work includes serving as the business mentor for two University of New Hampshire I-Corps teams, one of which advanced to the national level program. I-Corps, funded by the US National Science Foundation, fosters entrepreneurship and technology transfer at universities.

Michelle has a creative talent for communicating the benefits of technology in ways that everyone can understand.
— John E. Jarvis, former CEO of Mitel Corp and RAM Mobile Data (BellSouth). Former Group Chief Exec of PA Consulting.

Michelle has a keen sense for how to convey complex — and often times daunting — security topics to a diverse audience, resulting in messages that are compelling, engaging and — most importantly — very accessible.
— Bob Rudis, Chief Data Scientist Rapid 7 and world-renowned Cyber Pathologist

During a major restructuring of Global Operations, an organization providing customer and partners services on a worldwide basis, Michelle helped us formulate and refine key messages about our goals and plans, and communicated them in a way that helped employees get fully engaged. She also strongly contributed in developing messaging for the executives and senior management of our major customers and partners around the globe, allowing for vast improvements in our business model. Michelle is able to quickly encapsulate complex information, and tailor it for every audience.
— Bernard de Valence, SVP, Global Operations, Hewlett-Packard

Communications were critical to our success in rolling out a major ERP implementation across Europe. Michelle created communications for every audience that helped engage our users and meet our deadlines.
— Ramona Azarnia, Director, HP Global Operations